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Online Availability Check @ Your Own Website, FREE!!
Hotels that wish to be more transparent to their guests and wish to save precious time can add the online availability check© to their own website. The online availability check© is an easy to use graph through which guests can directly see requested allotment information. .

Online Availability Check

By using this tool, potential guests surfing on your own website can see real-time if your property has any allotment available for the requested period. All the guest has to do is fill in the period during which the guest wishes to stay and our system will not only show if a reservation is possible for the different room types, but the total price of the stay will be calculated immediately. We advise hotels that use our online availability check to add the Instant Reservation option to make sure the guest can book immediately.

These implementation options are possible:

1: The system automatically uses the allotment information submitted to
2: You can put different rates on different sites, for example, you can list special (last minute/discount) rates to guests booking via your own website. .

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- This service is without charge for hotels that are listed on To register your property please go to
- Fast implementation by (within 2 working days)
- No more frustrating reservation requests for periods during which you cannot accommodate. If you are fully booked during a requested period, available periods will be shown; the guest can thus plan their stay for another period.
- Guests can see the costs automatically
- Easy maintenance
- Besides the availability information you can also extend your own site with online reservation facilities such as a form with current rates, credit card number checks and implementation SSL security on your own website.

Please check the following hotels to get a better idea of what the online availability check© can possibly mean for your property:

The following is a selection of hotels using the online availability check© together with the Instant Reservations Service.

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